Career Management Services

Every person who is considering a job change or is in a job search has different needs. That is why we have designed specific individualized services to fit your needs. We have worked with hundreds of clients and everyone needs assistance somewhere; resume, interviewing, networking, presenting a portfolio and understanding their natural work-style and how to present that in an interview.

The Impression of a well-groomed candidate makes all the difference. Are you making a Hire Impression?

Resumé Content Consulting and Formatting

We will showcase value added, quantifiable content in your resume, utilizing the language sought after by hiring managers. The difference is amazing!

Includes one hour fact-finding meeting with a professional consultant. Your resume will then be constructed from gathered information by our consultant with two additional follow-up meetings by phone or email to finalize the resume.

Networking Coach – In-person and Electronic

Majority of hires made are through personal introductions. Relationships start and are maintained through variety of communication channels outside of luncheons, golfing and happy hours. Today hiring managers are looking at your references, background checks and the information posted about you on social networking pages. We will teach you how to get connected in person and in cyberspace to make your Hire Impression!

Interview Preparation

Identification of the position, key elements, role-play top questions used in interviews today, coaching on dress, verbal and non-verbal communication. We know and have the best answers for the top interview questions asked today! Alter your interview style to be on target, to the point in a warm approachable manner. Make your HIRE IMPRESSION!

Professional Portfolio

What an outstanding Hire Impression you will make! The goal is to have a complete presentation piece during interview and networking meetings. This Professional Portfolio will be customized to you and become a key tool in your job search that you can build upon for years to come.

Portfolio Includes:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Professionally prepared References
  • Evaluations and Work Samples (if applicable)

Plus one of the following:

  • OMS
  • 1 Hour Mock Interview
  • 1 Hour Network Coaching

Professional Evaluations – OMS

OMS will help you understand your Personal Motivation and that of those around you to interact successfully.

Thorough descriptions of how you approach and should answer Interview Questions, what a supervisor should know for Coaching Guidance and your Personal and Career Development.

This Report will Measure four key areas of how you:

  • Respond to problems and challenges.
  • Influence others to your point of view.
  • Respond to the pace of the environment.
  • Respond to rules and procedures set by others.

Value – Timeless document that describes who you are, how you act, react and why. This document is best used working with the hiring manager and your direct supervisor. Often, managing the team is the hardest part of a job. You will stand out as a Candidate when you use your OMS report.

  • You are making their job easier to hire and manage you.
  • Taking this extra step shows you as a forward thinking individual who goes the extra mile.

Professional Evaluation with Consultation – OMS and Consulting

Includes the informative OMS report and additional one-on-one coaching with a certified OMS provider. We will walk you through a situational interview and role-play to complement your personality and work style. This will allow you to utilize the OMS information to make the best impact in your interviews. “He who knows other is learned. He who knows himself is wise.” -Lao Tse